Six years of devastating earthquake: Reconstruction of 93 per cent of private houses completed

KATHMANDU: It has been six years since the devastating earthquake rattled the country and the National Reconstruction Authority has claimed that 93 per cent of private houses damaged/ destroyed have been rebuilt.

As per NRA, majority of reconstruction works have been completed across the country while some infrastructure are in the final stages of reconstruction.

“We have achieved 93 per cent progress in the reconstruction of private houses, which is the main area of NRA’s work responsibility,” said NRA CEO Sushil Gyewali.

He inforned that out of 811,754 earthquake beneficiaries who had signed agreement for the government grant, 753,104 have finished rebuilding their houses. Similarly, the first instalment has been distributed to 99.86 per cent of the beneficiaries, 86.78 per cent beneficiaries have received the second instalment and 78.66 per cent have received the third and final instalment.

NRA statistics shows that 4,720 beneficiaries who had been living in 299 vulnerable areas after the earthquake have been resettled. Likewise, 493 out of 920 heritage sites have been reconstructed while 288 are under construction.

Regarding educational institutions, out of 7,553 schools that needed to be rebuilt, reconstruction of 83 per cent has been completed, and 17 per cent are currently under construction while 698 health institutions have been rebuilt and 296 are in the process of being rebuilt.

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