We are here, finally!

KATHMANDU: After the advent of democracy, Nepal opened up its economy to the outside world which led to an expansion in economic activities like never seen before. Subsequently, the people’s interest and awareness of business and the economy has also started growing. And this interest has further led to people seeking more information about not only the country’s economy but the global economy too.

With globalization gathering pace across the world, Nepal’s economic transformation is no more a sole concern of its citizens only. Every change in policy, every change in the government’s stance regarding the economy is being closely watched by our neighbors and other economies across the world and also by bilateral and multilateral donor agencies. Along with the rise in economic activities Nepal has also witnessed an increase in publication houses. Today, there are hundreds of newspapers, television channels and online news portals disseminating information about every activity to not only people here but to the global audience.

However, even after so much of transformation taking place in the country we have always lacked an online news portal that disseminates information in the English language with business and the economy at its core. To thus fill this void we have launched Fiscal Nepal (fiscalnepal.com), an online business news platform, even during these turbulent times when the COVID-19 has spread havoc globally so as to facilitate readers in Nepal and beyond. Along with the economic transformation, Nepal has also seen a sea change in the medium in which people communicate with English being the preferred choice. Thus, Fiscal Nepal has been launched to particularly cater to this growing trend with a promise to deliver balanced, factual and reliable information. We would like to assure all our readers that even though the times are challenging at present we are here for the long haul and we will move forward accordingly to create a distinct identity. We promise you that Fiscal Nepal will be a mirror of Nepal’s economy. We look forward to working with all our dear readers, well-wishers and advertisers to make this challenging journey easier.

Umesh Poudel
Sub-Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (www.fiscalnepal.com)

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Monday August 17, 2020, 01:29:43 PM |

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