Fertilizers borrowed from Bangladesh to arrive by December

KATHMANDU: The Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd (AICL) has stated that the fertilizers the government has borrowed from Bangladesh will arrive by December.

With an aim to fulfill the demand in the country, the government had borrowed 50,000 tons of chemical fertilizers from Bangladesh. AICL has handed over the tender to bring the fertilizers to Dubai Dentrade Company.

AICL had called a global tender on September 19 for the supply of fertilizers from Bangladesh during which Dubai Dentrade Company had received the tender. The company has been given a deadline of 70 days for the delivery.

The government has to return the borrowed chemical fertilizers within eight months of delivery. The contractor company will bring the fertilizers to Kolkata dry port and from there a Nepali team will ferry the fertilizers to Nepal.

For the current fiscal year, AICL has already handed over a tender to bring around 110,000 tons of urea and 95,000 tons of DAP.

Similarly, the tender process to bring 10,000 tons of potash has also been completed. As per sources, potash will arrive within a week while DAP will arrive soon after the festive season. Meanwhile, of the total, 30,000 tons of urea will arrive within a month.

Once the fertilizers that AICL has bought arrive in the country it will return the borrowed amount of fertilizers to Bangladesh.

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Thursday October 15, 2020, 11:00:34 AM |

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