Dhulikhel Zipline resumes service after six months

KATHMANDU: Dhulikhel Zipline, which had been closed for around six months due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, has resumed its service. On the occasion of Dashain, the company will be offering 30 percent discount on its service till mid-October.

According to Kedar Thapa, chairman of Worldwide Adventures Pvt Ltd that operates the zipline service, the service charge for the Classic zipline has been reduced from Rs 2,500 to Rs 1,750. Similarly, the company has also reduced the charge on the Superman zipline from Rs 3,500 to Rs 2,450 and the Tandem (pair) zipline service from Rs 4,500 to Rs 3,150.

Along with this, the company will also be providing a discount on the photo and video package, said Thapa. The photo and video package for the Classic and Superman ziplines cost Rs 700 but now it is being offered at Rs 200, while the package for Tandem zipline which used to cost Rs 1,000 has been reduced to Rs 300.

Bhupesh Shrestha, founder and CEO of Dhulikhel Zipline, said that the entrance to the adventure park is also free.
The Dhulikhel Zipline was started in March of 2019. The zipline starts with the take-off from Thakledanda in Dhulikhel to the landing station at Khawa in Panchkhal.

The landing station in Khawa has an adventure park with eight different adventure courses from where one can enjoy the scenic views of different mountains, namely Langtang, Dorje Lakpa and Furbichachu, among others.
Besides the abovementioned services, the Dhulikhel Zipline also offers a unique tree-top restaurant service to visitors.

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