Hult Prize at KU 2020-21 in full swing

KATHMANDU: With the aim to ignite, educate, participate, accelerate, and connect young entrepreneurial minds, Hult Prize is happening in Kathmandu University as well in full swing under the leadership of Campus director Ms.Pragati Karki.

Since 2016 Hult Prize at KU has been promoting social entrepreneurship and creating an impact on thousands of KU students. This year, adapting to the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 that has gripped the whole world, Hult prize at Ku has decided to embark a new journey to make the program fully online; from info sessions to training sessions and the main program itself are all going to be online.

The main event is scheduled to be in November. Before the winning team of the Hult Prize at KU get a chance to compete in one of the twenty-five regional finals which are held in Boston, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, and Dubai; the winning team idea will be incubated and mentorship will be provided by our incubation partner, Idea Studio.

Hult Prize at KU inculcates the values of creative knowledge and innovation. This year, the organizing team has been successful in approaching all the respective colleges in its territory. The notable actions are opening application forms for campus representatives, bringing Idea Studio as the Incubation Partner, partnering with youth clubs for outreach activities, and conducting all promotional activities online.

The competition is open for all programs of graduate, undergraduate, MPhil, and Ph.D. belonging from Kathmandu University especially for Kathmandu School of Management (KUSOM), Kathmandu University School of Arts( KUSOA), Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOEd), National College, St.Xavier College, Maitighar, Nepal College of Management (NCM) and Little Angels College of Management (LACM).

Every year Hult Prize Foundation brings up new challenges for students across the world and the best suiting team wins US$1miillion. For this year’s topic, they have selected “Food for Good. Transforming food into a vehicle of change “. Food is a vital part of our life and COVID 19 has highlighted its significance among everything else so the theme of the year is” Food For Good”.In 2021 the Hult Prize is asking teams around the world to build viable food enterprises that will impact the lives of 10 million people in the next decade while strengthening communities, increasing incomes, feeding the hungry, and creating jobs. The theme seems relevant enough because of the problems related to food wastage, food production, food distribution, fair price to farmers, and nutritional value to customers
Hult Prize is a perfect opportunity for young individuals to participate in the world’s largest entrepreneurial competition. Participating in Hult Prize is not just about winning but it is also being a part of the world’s greatest experience lead and created by young minds like all of us. This is about making a business idea better and exploring the undiscovered side of the student and their team members along with networking with a progressive group of people in the country and other parts of the world.

With a US$1 Million global start-up prize as its anchor activity, the Hult Prize has brought impact focused programs, events, and training to over a million students globally, creating a pathway for youth everywhere to take action to build a better world. Hult Prize is a global network of 2000 colleges and university campuses in 121 countries with a global team of 30,000 staff, students, and changemakers.

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