Tourism Recovery Task Force-Nepal formed

KATHMANDU: The Tourism Recovery Task Force (TRTF) Nepal was formed today on the initiative of the private sector aiming at playing a proactive role for the sound and speedy recovery of tourism in Nepal which has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TRTF-Nepal, which was jointly conceptualized by PATA Nepal Chapter and SKAL Nepal by bringing the private sector together, was launched at an event today. Former CEO of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) (name) will be the coordinator of the taskforce while KhemLakai, treasurer of PATA Nepal Chapter, will be its spokesperson.

eanwhile, CEO of PATA NEPAL Chapter, Suresh Singh Budal, will be handling the secretariat of the taskforce.
The task force will also include international tourism organizations as advisors, different tourism associations of Nepal as Associational Patrons and NTB will be working as an industry patron to intensify the collective efforts for the recovery of the tourism sector.

The task force was formed amid the presence of Tourism Minister YogeshBhattarai. According to PATA Nepal Chapter, TRTF-Nepal has been established realizing the urgent need to foster immediate priorities, concrete strategy, and a result-oriented action plan or a clear-cut (Survive-Revive-Thrive) SRT strategy to bounce back better from the adverse impact of the COVID-19.

The taskforce will cooperate and align the rational, responsible, progressive, and constructive advocacy with the government and decision-making authorities in tourism on how best Nepal’s tourism sector can adapt with and recover from the COVID-19. The task force will also suggest a plan and possible resources to the government and the private-sector tourism stakeholders through different initiatives, webinars, and programs towards the revival of tourism in a more resilient and sustainable manner.

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