Deurali Janata Pharmaceuticals shut over ‘cash flow’ issue

KATHMANDU: Deurali Janata Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd (DJPL), the country’s largest pharmaceutical company, has been closed for two weeks.

The management has shut down the company after it witnessed problems of cash flow as the company has to buy the raw materials in cash and sell its products in the market on credit.

“It is difficult to collect money from the market in the present scenario and worse still is that there are hardly any raw materials which are produced in Nepal. All raw materials have to be imported from abroad to make medicines in the country,” informed HariBhakta Sharma, chairman of DeuraliJanata Pharmaceuticals.

“So, how can we sell our products on credit for so long? That is why we closed down the company for some time till things get better,” he stated.

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Monday September 21, 2020, 01:44:24 PM |

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