AICL to blacklist Shailung and Honiko for failing to import fertilizers on time

KATHMANDU: Agriculture Inputs Company ltd (AICL) has proceeded to blacklist the contractor companies that failed to import and distribute fertilizers on time.

Recently, AICL had canceled the contract with Shailung Enterprises and Honiko Enterprises. It had at the time informed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) regarding blacklisting these two companies.

As per the decision, the legal procedure to blacklist these two companies has been taken forth and based on the Public Procurement Regulation the companies have to compensate AICL for not fulfilling their contracts, said Bishnu Pokhrel, spokesperson for AICL.

He, however, said that there is doubt on whether any stringent action will be taken against these companies as the owners of both the firms have strong access to political power.

Earlier, AICL had seized a total of Rs 48.8 million and Rs 45.6 million which had been deposited as collateral by Shailung and Honiko, respectively.

Pokhrel, however, said that AICL is in a dilemma as it has already awarded two tenders to these companies. As per him, AICL had awarded the two tenders for the import of fertilizers for the current fiscal year. He informed that AICL is holding discussions on whether to blacklist the two companies till the new order arrives. AICL is taking advice from its legal advisors and a decision will soon be taken, said Pokhrel.

Meanwhile, MoALD has directed AICL to blacklist both the companies for not importing fertilizers on time.

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Saturday September 12, 2020, 09:25:05 AM |

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