MATO providing fresh vegetables in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: With an aim to provide fresh fruits and organic vegetables at every doorstep in Kathmandu, the ‘MATO Brand’ has started delivering various types of vegetables in Kathmandu Valley during the second phase of the lockdown.
MATO has said that they are delivering all types of fresh vegetables includinghabanero (akhabareykhursani), broccoli, beetroot, cabbage local, capsicum green/red/yellow, carrot, celery and cucumber hybrid/local. The company is providing free home delivery in Kathmandu Valley.
Moreover, bottle gourd, mushroom, okra, onion, spinach (palaksaag loose), and fiddlehead fern (nigurosaag), among others. Similarly, MATO is delivering all types of fruits including apple (chocolate), apple (red delicious), apple (Fuji), kiwi, limeand coconut water, among others.
The Golyan Group, a renowned corporate business house in Nepal, had established the MATO brand in August last year to promote domestic agriculture system and aims to minimize the import of daily consumable vegetables and fresh fruits from other countries.
MATO, the Nepali word for soil also connotes ‘organic’ and ‘close to nature’. MATO aims to encourage the scalability of agricultural production across the country by creating strong demand links in both domestic and international markets. This will not only help in the country’s trade deficit but also create employment opportunities and reinvigorate the farmers in the country.
The company is also aggregating products from organic farms all over Nepal. “By sourcing and selling directly, MATO is able to give a better price to the farmers as well as offer better prices to the consumers. All our products are and will be 100 percent organic. The products are graded and tested to be chemical free and pesticide free,” said LatikaGolyan, director of Golyan Group, adding, MATO is now selling an entire range of organic vegetables and aromatic rice, tea, coffee, spices, grains and honey too.

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